Beyond Pho and Banh Mi: 9 Must-Eat Vietnamese Dishes

When thinking about Vietnamese cuisine, international friends often think of the delicate blend between the flavor flavors and the structural contrast in each dish.

Affected by French cuisine and neighboring countries such as China, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand, Vietnamese cuisine is a unique place of intersection between multinational culinary culture but still retaining its very own identity. When thinking about Vietnamese cuisine, international friends often think of bread and pho but in fact, our country has many other delicious dishes that can enchant anyone right from the first taste.

Bánh xèo và bánh khọt

Banh xeo
Banh khot

Bánh xèo and bánh khọt are in fact a kind of sandwich with a thin crunchy crust made from glutinous rice flour and turmeric powder (so the cake is yellow and very attractive), sandwiched between pork, shrimp and bean sprouts. Pancakes when eaten, will be cut into small slices served with lettuce, herbs and fish sauce. Because of the same kind of flour, banh khot is quite similar to banh xeo but its size is much smaller and there is only one shrimp in the middle. These two excellent cakes are usually poured in a special iron pan so that the outer shell is crispy and still soft inside, not too dry.

Bún riêu

Bun rieu

There are many different recipes for vermicelli but the main ingredients required are still crabs and tomatoes for the broth. By blending the delicious crab flavor and the sour taste of tomato is what makes this dish attractive. One can choose different types of vermicelli and other ingredients for vermicelli such as meatballs, spring rolls, fried okra, fish, snails or blood.

Nem cuốn

Nem cuốn

Vietnamese fried spring rolls are so familiar to foreigners but Vietnam has another kind of low-fat, better-healthy but equally delicious nem that rolls. The pieces of bacon, boiled and neatly wrapped together with lettuce, mint, and vermicelli in a thin layer of rice paper and served with dipping sauce, make a light and attractive roll.

Thịt kho tộ

Thit kho to

With three pieces of meat only to be simmered with sugar and fish sauce, braised meat is really a very addictive dish for many people. What is more wonderful than enjoying the braised meat presented in the lovely earthen pots with hot rice and boiled vegetables. If the pork is too bad for you, you can try the braised fish as equally attractive.

Bún bò Huế

Bun bo Hue

Bun Bo Hue, also known as the beef noodle with broth made from beef stew, lemongrass and seasoned with shrimp paste, sugar and chili is a very famous dish of Vietnam for foreign tourists. The type of vermicelli used for this dish is larger, more round and tougher than regular noodle. A full beef noodle bowl usually has beef, beef balls, spring rolls, ear rolls and a plate of herbs and lemons. When you enjoy the right beef vermicelli, you will see all the sweet and sour, spicy and strong flavors blended together in a vermicelli bowl.

Cao lầu

Cao lau

Cao lầu is a dish that tourists should not ignore when visiting Hoi An ancient town. The local people said that the recipe for making it long was very elaborate and elaborate; The rice mill made high fiber to the floor that must be taken from Ba Le ancient well and the high fiber must then be dyed with the ash of a special tree only in Cham Island. Whether this legend is true or not is undeniable. Pork is rich in flavor, crispy and crunchy shrimp with herbs and lettuce are mixed together with a little broth to create a harmonious flavor.

Bánh cuốn

Banh cuon

Many foreign guests will find Vietnamese pancakes quite similar to the Cheung fun cakes at Chinese breakfast restaurants but actually, each dish has its own unique features. The main role is rice flour which is coated onto a thin layer of cake and wrapped with chopped pork and ear fungus, then it is sprinkled on a layer of fried onions and served with fish sauce. In order to enjoy the cake, please eat immediately when the freshly baked cake is hot and soft.

Bún thịt nướng

Bun thit nuong

Grilled pork bun consists of pieces of bacon grilled onions and crispy peanuts placed on a layer of vermicelli with herbs, pickles; These very normal sounding materials create an intriguing dish that cannot be denied. Not only that, but this noodle dish is also served with fried spring rolls and sweet and sour fish sauce.

Bún chả

Bun cha

Bun cha is one of Hanoi’s most famous dishes with bacon and charcoal grilled meatballs placed in a bowl of fish sauce filled with a sweet and salty taste. Bun cha is usually served with vermicelli, fried spring rolls, and herbs, all blended together to create a delicious taste that is hard to fade.


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