Must-try fruits while in Vietnam

1. Breadfruit


It is surprising to know that the very favorite Western travelers Breadfruit is a fruit that is grown quite a bit in the South and some countries in Southeast Asia. Breadfruit cannot be eaten like other normal fruits that need to be cooked or fried to be eaten. With attractive flavors and extremely nutritious help provide many vitamins and nutrients for the body.

2. Soursop


 Western tourists call the custard apple the “Asian Apples” because of its flavor and nutrition. The custard is sweet, slightly acidic, although it is easily blackened if you peel the aroma and the cool feeling will make anyone love it when enjoying. You can see more ways to make attractive custard smoothies.

3. Durian


Many Western tourists admit that it is impossible to bear the characteristic smell of durian fruit when ripe. When traveling on public transport in many places, carrying durian is prohibited.

However, there are still many tourists who travel to Vietnam, and countries in Southeast Asia would like to enjoy this special fruit as a way to test courage. But once you get used to the taste of durian, anyone can be addicted to this kind of fruit because of its nutritious, sweet taste.

4. Jackfruit


In Vietnam, there are many different jackfruit varieties like jackfruit, female jackfruit … and this is also a kind of fruit that many foreign tourists love because of its sweet taste and fragrance really attractive.

According to some studies, jackfruit can completely replace wheat and corn .. and food crops to provide nutrition to fight hunger. And jackfruit is also one of the largest known fruits.

5. Mangosteen


This purple, round and small fruit has caused many European visitors to exclaim in delight by its sweet and sour taste when enjoying it. To enjoy this kind of fruit, the removal of the outer crust without paving the white flesh inside is an art.

Currently, although exported to foreign countries, this fruit is sold at a high price. Therefore, many tourists want to come to Vietnam and Asian countries to enjoy this kind of fruit.

6. Rambutan


Rambutan in a special form is no stranger to us but for foreign tourists, it is completely different. Strange with the shape of the bright red, rambutan contains many nutrients such as vitamin B, potassium, iron, and antioxidants.

Despite the peculiar shape like that, the rambutan has a very delicious and sweet taste that makes the tourists really surprised when enjoying.

7. Langsat


This is a sweet, sour fruit. In addition to being used for summer refreshments, bonfire also has many very good health benefits. It helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, improves the digestive system, and is used as medicine.

8. Guava 


According to Insider, not only the attractive pink intestine inside, this kind of fruit in Vietnam is very delicious and nutritious that everyone should try. Nutrients in guava such as vitamin C and carotenoids help to nourish the digestive system. Guava also has the function of supporting the intestines and stomach in case these organs become infected.

Guava is also rich in fiber, guava seeds are also considered as a laxative, to help the digestive system work smoothly, so eating guava will help the intestine retain water, clean the digestive system, eliminate quickly the substance waste.

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