Street-food snacks you havr to try in Vietnam

From the frenetic Ho Chi Minh City in the south to Hanoi’s metropolitan maze in the north, Vietnam’s roads are covered with amazing snacks and street food. Ordered from local street stalls, this street food odyssey shows the breadth of the country’s culinary ingenuity.

Bánh chuối, bánh khoai (Banana cake, sweet potato cake)

Banh chuoi (Banana cake)

The ingredients of banana cake, sweet bread are nothing special, only flour, a few slices of bananas, slices of potatoes and fried gold are done. Simple as that, but the taste of this dish is forever attached. Banana cakes are slightly sour, sweet; The sweet potato cake is sweet and fragrant, with the simple and rustic taste of sweet potatoes. This is a particularly popular dish on winter days.

Bánh giò

Banh gio

Buns are typical snacks that you can’t miss. In Hanoi, there is a spring roll on Thuy Khue Street, which is famous. Already larger than other bakery products, the rice cakes here are also soft and flexible without being crushed, always fragrant with the smell of rice flour. The filling is made from lean meat and minced with jasmine wood, rich mushroom.

Bánh rán (Donuts)

Banh ran

There are two types of donuts: salty cakes and sweet cakes. Sweet donuts often have bean paste with honey or sugar shells. A sweet donut costs about 2,000 – 3,000 VND. Salty donuts have an average price of about 4,000 VND with meat, vermicelli, wood ear and served with dipping sauce.

Quả chua dầm (Pickled fruit)

Qua chua dam

The sour and crunchy fruits such as mango, plum, toad, guava (depending on the season) mixed with sugar, chili powder is a very attractive gift for women. This dish has an average price of 8,000 – 10,000 VND / tael (can be slightly higher depending on the time and type of fruit).

Tào phớ 

Tao pho

This is one of the favorite summer refreshments in the North. Currently, young people also create a very attractive dish of cheddar instead of just eating almonds as usual. A bowl of mixed noodles priced from 6,000 – 10,000 VND with a unique combination of the sweet sweetness of the sugar, the slightly delicious taste of fresh coconut and the chewy, crunchy of buffalo legs.

Bánh khoai tép

Banh khoai tep

It is a quite simple dish but the delicious cake is still classified as the most delicious dishes in Thanh Hoa. The way to make delicious cakes seems quite similar to Nam Bo banh xeo. However, the ingredients to make the cake are different from the pancakes and bear the characteristic of Thanh Hoa.

The cake is delicious with the sweet and sour fish sauce and served with the filling will be very interesting. Sometimes people also use chicken eggs instead of fresh shrimps to change their taste. This dish is only available in Thanh Hoa, especially To Vinh Dien, Dao Duy Tu and Ha Thuyen streets …

Bò bía

Bo bia

In the list of super convenient snacks, pumpkin is a dish that is sold throughout the corner in Saigon. But if talking about popularity, the pumpkin is sold in the area of ​​Le Van Tam Park is the most popular. Crispy, crunchy, with steamed sweet potatoes, mixed with salty, rich of sausage, and braised beef is a quintessential dish with affordable price. 

Bột chiên

Bot chien

Similar to bò bía, bột chiên is also the ideal afternoon dish. A plate of fried dough of about VND 25,000 is enough for you to temporarily ease the hunger while waiting for dinner. As its name suggests, the fried dough has the main ingredients of rice flour and energy powder, fried on a flat pan, added chicken eggs, greased with fat and onions When eating, diners dot or chan diluted soy sauce with chili sauce and papaya.

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