Top 10 Popular Side Dishes in Vietnam


1. Gỏi cuốn

Vietnamese fresh spring rolls

This is a perfect Vietnamese snack, made of staple ingredients like vermicelli, pork, shrimp, and healthy greens. It’s sometimes a bit hard to gnaw your way through the rice paper, but the tasteful flavour from the sauce — peanuts mixed with hoisin sauce — makes up for all the perfect whole. With an affordable price of 5,000 VND ($0.22 USD) per roll, everyone can enjoy these.

Recommend: Gỏi Cuốn Lê Văn Sỹ, Gỏi Cuốn Tôm Nhảy, Gỏi Cuốn Hạnh, etc.

2. Chả giò (The Southern) / Nem rán (The Northern)

Another favorite dish that attracts food-eater

These Vietnamese spring rolls are minced pork and veggies wrapped in rice paper and fried until the outside is crunchy. This dish is famous around the world because it’s great for sharing with groups.

Recommend: Hồng Ân Quán, chả giò cô Tuyết, chả giò bà Thêm, etc.

3. Gà nướng sả

Like others, this dish looks like nothing until it tastes burns everything out. It’s grilled chicken that’s cooked with lemongrass and fish sauce, typically served on a bed of vermicelli noodles.

Vietnamese style grilled chicken lemongrass

Recommend: Gà nướng Bà Hạt, Gà nướng Ò Ó O, Gà nướng Hoàng Lai, etc.

4. Mực chiên

This dish is just made of the Vietnam calamari. Some restaurants serve the squid whole, but more often it’s sliced into loops and fried with fish sauce or chilli sauce. Since Vietnam is a coastal nation, the squid is fresh. Fried squid is popular in Vietnam because it’s an easy dish to share.

Deep-fried squid rings

Recommend: Quán Chà Bá, Quán Ốc Minh Hương, Quán Mực nuong ngon 280, etc.

5. Cá kho tộ (braised fish in a clay pot)

How does a bowl of caramelized fish stew in a clay pot sound? We think it sounds amazing. Start with a big hunk of fish — many varieties are used, as fish is plentiful in Vietnam — and simmer it in oil, garlic, onion, salt, soy, fish sauce and coconut juice. Yummy.

Vietnamese style clay pot braised fish

6. Gỏi (South) / Nộm (North)

This is a Vietnamese salad, but not to be confused with salad, which is the Western style of salad. There are about as many varieties of salad as there are people in Vietnam, but they typically start with grated cabbage, turnip or papaya, with meat and other greens to top it off. The whole mixture is then tossed with vinegar, garlic, salt and/or chilli.

7. Rau muống xào tỏi (stir-fried water spinach with garlic)

If you’ve never had water spinach before, or if you usually hate greens, then let us introduce you to your new favourite vegetable. When it’s sautéed in garlic and cooking oil, even people who would never order a salad can enjoy it. This dish adds both flavour and colour to any dining table. Plus it’s cheap, which is always nice.

Vietnamese stir-fried water spinach

8. Chả cá thăng long

This is fish cooked with dill, marinated in turmeric, ginger, garlic, and fish sauce. It’s especially popular in its hometown of Hanoi. As with much Vietnamese cuisine, this dish is all about balancing flavours and textures.

Vietnamese style fish cake in Thang Long

9. Ốc

This one is probably the most intimidating dished to order in Vietnam because of all the varieties of snails. For the Vietnamese people, snails make the perfect finger food to accompany a couple of beers.

Vietnamese style grilled snails with green peppers

10. Bột chiên

Bột chiên is easily one of our favourite dishes. We love it. It’s crunchy cubes of fried rice flour with eggs and green onion. Most people seem to eat it for breakfast, but we’ll eat it any time of the day. Whenever we’re driving around on our motorbike and notice a bột chiên food court, we jam on the brakes to get some. It’s that good.

Vietnamese fried rice cake

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