Top 8 delicious Vietnamese breakfast dishes

1. Bánh mì

Banh mi

As a dish formed from the French colonial period, but with the creativity of Vietnamese people, they have created a very unique and attractive Vietnamese bread that cannot be denied No matter how simple it is, still, it presents in all regions of Vietnam, each region has a certain difference.

Specifically, bread can be served with eggs, pate, scallops, spring rolls, shredded chicken, herbs … In some areas, there are strange variations such as filtered bread, fish cakes. .. In addition, the price of noodles is also very popular, averaging from 10 to 20 thousand, you have good quality Bánh Mì to start the day.

2. Xôi – Sticky rice


As popular as Bánh Mì, Xôi is another traditional and common choice in the morning. It is now more diversified with many kinds of food servings such as meat, eggs, pork, fried chicken. 

3. Bánh cuốn

Banh cuon

Bánh cuốn is coated from rice flour with characteristics of soft, thin layers. Bánh cuốn can be coated from non-dough and then added a thin onion fat on the dipping sauce and the fish sauce will make it delicious enough that you will never forget. 

But the most popular is the hot rolls with the minced meat core. Buns in the North can be eaten with rolls, rolls or grilled meat, while rolls in the South can be eaten with sausages, sour spring rolls, and some herbs.

4. Phở


The most famous and popular dish in Vietnam is pho. Beginning in the morning with a bowl of fragrant pho, steaming and smoking is a habit of many people. Pho in the North and South Vietnam has a distinct difference, especially with spices.

5. Bun Bo Hue

Bun bo Hue

As a typical dish of Hue but recently, Hue beef bun has become a popular dish in many regions of Vietnam. Hue beef noodle soup is well cooked and quality, a vermicelli bowl will consist of pork rolls, prawn rolls, pig’s blood and eat a part of generous vegetables.

The standard Hue beef noodle bowl can confuse you because of the excessive amount of food, especially the big pork roll. But in return, the meal left over to provide energy for a busy morning.

6. Mì Quảng

Mi quang

In Quang Nam, nothing is more popular than Mì Quảng. This dish is even preferred to the extent that almost all Quang Nam people know how to cook it. Mì Quảng is quite diverse in taste and its servings, Mì Quảng with chicken, fish or even frog. Like many typical dishes of the Central people, Mì Quảng is mixed, the amount of water used in each bowl is very small and the amount of vegetables is very large.

7. Hủ tiếu

Hu tieu

Hủ tiếu is always perfect for breakfast. If in the North, phở is preferred, then in the South will be Hủ tiếu. The vermicelli is believed to have originated from Cambodia but now there are many interesting variations, such as the jasmine rice noodles, the beef noodle soup or the most famous rice noodle soup in Hủ tiếu Nam Vang. The long string of sweet noodles with sweetened broth is really the favorite start of Saigon people.

8. Cơm tấm 

Com tam

Usually, people only eat rice for meals, but Saigon people have a hobby of eating rice for breakfast. Unlike sticky rice, broken rice is placed in a long row with a bowl of rice and is often accompanied by a piece of grilled pork ribs, a piece of egg patties, little wrappers, fried eggs with a bowl of soup. Even more interesting, besides breakfast, Saigon people can eat rice for lunch, dinner or dinner.

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