Top Halal restaurants in Hanoi

Halal cuisine is rich, bold and unique in which dishes are processed carefully, using a lot of spices. Dishes from the food background are not only fresh, a rich taste but also very healthy. Let’s explore the famous Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam!

Al Sultan Restaurant & Cafe

Address: 21 Ngõ 52 Đường Tô Ngọc Vân, Tay Ho, Ha Noi

Al Sultan Restaurant & Cafe

This restaurant was found by Mr. Mostafa which is the first Egyptian restaurant in Hanoi. To Al-Sultan, it is not difficult to realize that this is an Egyptian restaurant from architecture to music. The outer walls print Egyptian scripts and colorful ancient Egyptian mummies.

Inside, the owner of the restaurant hung black and white photos of the last Egyptian kings before the country moved to democracy, including paintings by Queen Cleopatra and the famous Egyptian football player Mohamed Salah. The food served here is outstanding and the staffs are friendly, polite and accommodating. You will have to wait for a while for the food, but anything good is worth the wait.

Spice Restaurant – Halal food in Hanoi Old Quarter

Address: No. 10 Hang Manh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Spice Restaurant

Spice restaurant is located at 10 Hang Manh street, and quite easily be found. It’s a three-story building with narrow space of each floor, however, this creates a close, cozy, especially suitable for rainy and cold days. The restaurant is well-known among locals and internationals as the taste is quite gentle, not too aggressive, consistent with the taste of many people. Some suggestions you should not miss when visiting such as Honey Chicken – food is quite like Vietnamese food, Chicken Malai Boti, Vegetable Pakora, Nan cake, Sagos Mutton

Handi Restaurant 

Address 50 To Ngoc Van, Hanoi

Handi Restaurant

Handi Restaurant is known for Indian, Vietnamese, Pakistani, Afghan, Arabian, Middle Eastern cuisine. Especially here is extremely famous for vegetarian dishes such as Grill vegetable karahi, Masala feet, vegetable pakora, vegetable samosa, Halal food. The food in the restaurant is easy to eat, even for those who first enjoy the Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam, many customers commented on dishes made from a lamb at the restaurant does not smell of meat. Instead, it is the signature fragrance of traditional spices. The space is quite quiet, the style of service from the owner to the staff is very professional, enthusiastic, friendly, most customers do not have to wait long to enjoy their favorite dishes.

1001 Nights Restaurant and Shisha 

Address 37A Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi

1001 Nights Restaurant and Shisha

The restaurant is named after the famous one-thousand-one-night series. It was opened in October 2015. This is not just an address for you to enjoy the traditional Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam but also have cozy moments with your family and loved ones in a luxurious but cozy atmosphere. The restaurant will bring guests full experiences of Middle Eastern cuisine, including “mezze” art. Try authentic Shisha. Some Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam that you should not miss when coming here such as crispy falafel, tabouleh, stuffed grape leaves, and crushed hummus, excellent grilled shish-tawook chicken, grilled lamb skewers, minced beef skewers and chicken wings with lemon sauce …

d’LIONS Restaurant – Singapore & Halal Food

Address: 92 Lê Duẩn,  Quận Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Open time:10:00 – 22:00 

Price range: 100.000đ – 550.000đ

d’LIONS Restaurant

The first impression is that this is a pretty and cozy restaurant with simplistic decor while the staff is amazingly attentive and polite. It offers moderate, delicious and true Singapore food. The shop has a beautiful, nice view and very reasonable price. The frog porridge in D’Lions is the specialty here. The porridge is smooth, sprinkled with a little bit of onion flower, and eaten with a bowl of hot frogs with the typical sauce, making the porridge attractive to people from sight to smell. Pureed rice seeds, and fragrant, it is true that other frog porridge shop in Hanoi does not have a delicious porridge as here. Order yourself a cup of Teh Tarik which is Malaysian milk tea. This restaurant is beyond the standard.


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