Pet-friendly Apartment List In Ho Chi Minh City

As far as is known, pet-friendly apartment is not an extremely familiar term particularly in Vietnam and Asian countries in general. However, Saigon already offers a fair number of pet-friendly accommodations for those who really love their beloved pets and tend to stay with them during their journey. Below are some options that expats can choose such as Xi River View apartment.


1. Apartment near Nhieu Loc Canal in Binh Thanh District:

With the beautiful and natural landscapes by the river as well as its great facilities, customers can find it really comfortable and enjoyable while staying there. The fee is rather reasonable at approximately $550 per month.

2. Xi River View for rent in District 2:

Being one of the most well-known places with expats coming to visit Vietnam, it not only provides tenants with high-quality services but it is also located at the centre of Districts 2, which makes them easily get access to restaurants, bars, shopping centers, amusement parks, working offices,…

With various alternatives, expats can select the most suitable space and are allowed to bring their lovely pets along with them as requested. It can cost them a small amount of money, which is negotiable according to the landlord.

It is considered the most suitable choice for expats with full accessible package ranging from library, BBQ area, pools, garden, lake, gym, mini-mart, playground,…

The price is flexible around $800/ month.

Xi River View is like a miniature city (Source: rmax)

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3. Stylish Saigon apartment in District 1:

It is a clean and safe place to stay in the centre of the city with independent and classic style. This location opens up a gateway to many famous destinations such as Saigon Square, Saigon Opera House, Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Museums,…It also delivers good services with open-minded attitude of clients. Pets are allowed to live with their owners with the assurance of clean hygiene. The fee is much higher at above $1000/month.

Arriving at a cool and clean room is like having your energy recharged

4. Luxury Waterfront Penthouse in Thu Duc District:

As the name suggested, this apartment is exceptionally deluxe, where you can grasp the overall scene of the city with Saigon River. It offers sufficient furniture and luxurious amenities such as tennis, golf, outdoor grill, kayak/ canoe,…at a unit price of $159 per night. If expats rent for one month, it takes them about $3000. This price is actually expensive but it deserves with well-appointed and unique services.

It is advisable for high-income customers to experience luxurious apartment

5. The Homee in District 7:

It is located in the proximity of shopping malls, which is convenient for those who like to go shopping. Though it does not offer a wide range of facilities as in other apartments but it can satisfy customers with basic utility services at suitable price (about $600). Moreover, pets are always welcomed with friendly attitude.

Taking your beloved pets with you is as comfortable as having a great time with your best friends

6. Halo Apartment in Binh Thanh District:

Located in the centre of the Binh Thanh District, it is close to golf playground and famous restaurants. Expats can feel comfortable and fulfilled with the hospitality and good quality. The rooms are covered with bright tone of color and really spacious with romantic atmosphere. The fee for one month ranges from $450 to $500, which is rather cheaper than the others.

You can appreciate the morning sun in a bright space with full of enthusiasm (Source: bstatic)

7. French apartment in Phu Nhuan District:

Situated in a quiet area, this serviced apartment is an ideal environment for those who want to stay away from the noise of city. Fully furnished living supplies and many utilities with French living style are their outstanding features. At the reception, staff are willing to help at any time of the day. Domestic animals are well treated, especially dogs and cats. The prices are around $1200 for one month.

It is rather strange but interesting to undergo your journey with your pets in a French style (Source: bstatic)

There are also many other options that you can take into consideration such as The Vista, The Ascent, Lexington to name a few. Among a diversity of choices, Xi River View is considered one of the most deserving places for your stay.

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