Trà Đá: The Best Refreshing Drink and Frugal Feature in Vietnam


With the easy drinking taste along with not picky consumers, trà đá – ice tea is an indispensable part of Vietnamese people and gradually conquers tourists. At the first try, you will recognize the thing that trà đá isn’t your regular iced tea. When foreigners think of iced tea, they immediately imagine a hot summer afternoon with a cool, sweet flavour drink — one that’s stuck with sugar like cocktails or soft drinks. In Vietnam, in the opposite, iced tea is waterier and unsweetened, even cause surprise with a featured bitten flavour that cannot be messing with any other. Besides, many different famous, distinctive drinks, which you are usually heard about Vietnamese drinks like coffee or sugar cane juice (nước mía), Trà đá still makes consumers cannot deny its own attraction in flavour and taste.

Before there was water available through processing by modern water treatment plants, Vietnamese people always boil water before drinking it. And since tea was on a regular basis, it is a good idea to add a bit of tea and turn the normal water a little flavour. When refrigerators were popular in the late in the 20th century and big blocks of ice are sold everywhere, Trà đá became the Thirst-Quenching drink of choice in southern Vietnam. It was widely popular in Saigon, where the temperatures usually reach 35°C.  In northern Vietnam, many people have flavour with warm tea more instead. Whether to enjoy hot or cold, it cannot refuse the unique taste of trà đá, which seems to be a feature of Vietnam.

At most restaurants and cafes, you served trà đá free right after you have a seat, but at the roadside refreshment shop, if you do need to pay, it is always extremely cheap. Even there are lots of other interesting drinks, trà đá will never be left behind because it’s always the irreplaceable drink follow. 


As for drinking trà đá, you do not have to leave any wastes. No plastic bottles or cups and no paper wastes, while the leftover tea residue and leaves can use for many benefits. Drinking trà đá instead of other drinks give the chance to save the world from another unnecessary plastic wastes. That’s an extremely miracle you can create.

Sometimes you feel sleepy and may need some coffee to recharge for another some hours working. Or when you have to have those lunchtime beers for team building or customer appointments. However, all those stimulants and depressants are absolutely harmful to your health. It is time that trà đá has been the best choice ever. In the meantime like this, you do not have to rush, just take a seat at vendors, call for a glass of trà đá and escape a while to refill the energy. It’s there to help you hydrated — always available to start and be the best.


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